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Pair of Oil on Canvas Dog Portraits by George Earl

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George Earl (1824–1908) was a painter, primarily of sporting dogs and other animals. He was also the father of Maud Earl and Percy Earl, and the brother of Thomas Earl, all three of whom were also animal artists. Earl was a keen sportsman and this is reflected in his work and reputation as a dog painter. He was also an early member of The Kennel Club. Although chiefly remembered as a canine artist due to his success depicting them, of the nineteen paintings Earl exhibited at the Royal Academy between 1857 and 1882 only two were of dogs.

This fine quality pair of 19th C. oil on canvas portraits of 2 dogs featuring a Pug and a Samoyed, each displayed in a highly ornate, carved square gilt wood frame. Each portrait measures 19 in – 48.2 cm square with a depth of 2 in - 5 cm.

They are priced £5,800.00 for the pair.

Early 20th C. Oil on Canvas by Circle of Frederick Morgan

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This magnificent oil portrait on canvas titled ‘Children gathering Plums’ was of 2 of Frederick Morgan’s children, Dorothea and Courtney. Morgan was born in London. He was commonly known as Fred Morgan and was the son of John Morgan, a successful genre artist sometimes known as 'Jury Morgan' (after one of his paintings "The Gentlemen of the Jury"). He is known mostly for his romantic and sentimental paintings of children in the same style as his contemporary Arthur John Elsley. As the painting is not signed, it is listed as the circle of Frederick Morgan.

The canvas sits inside a superbly carved gilt wood frame and measures 32 in – 81.2 cm high, 27 in – 68.5 cm wide and 5 in – 12.7 cm in depth.

The price for this superb work is £32,000.00.

19TH C. Oil Painting by B.W. Leader

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This 19th c. oil on canvas was done by English landscape artist Benjamin William Leader. He was born in Worcester in 1831 as Benjamin Leader Williams but changed his name to Benjamin Williams Leader to distinguish himself from the many other painters with the surname Williams. Leader's early works bore the influence of the Pre-Raphaelites with their attention to fine detail and emphasis on painting from nature "en plein air". In his later years he adopted a looser style which was more impressionistic rather than being an exact copy of nature and this proved to be more popular. This picture of an Alpine landscape is signed and dated 1870.

The painting measures 24 ¾ in – 63 cm wide, 20 ¼ in – 51.5 cm high and 2 3/8 in – 6 cm in depth, inclusive of the frame. 

The painting is priced at £3,750.00.

Country Scene with Hay Cart Painting by Charles Thomas Burt

TC407 TC407 -cart- close up corner close up

Burt was a Midlands landscape painter. Born in Wolverhampton and lived in Birmingham most of his life. He was a pupil of Samuel Lines of Birmingham and also a friend and pupil of David Cox (q.v.), by whose style he was influenced. He exhibited 16 paintings at the Royal Academy from 1850 to 1892, as well as the British Institute, Suffolk Street and elsewhere. Burt was a member of the Birmingham Society of Artists.  Burt painted Highland, Farming scenes and Moorland landscapes including Snowden, Devon, Somerset, Malvern, Yorkshire, Derbyshire and the Orkney islands. The painting is dated 1868 and is surrounded by a very ornate carved gilt wood frame. It measures 42 in – 106.7 cm high, 58 in – 147.3 cm wide and 3 ½ in – 9 cm in depth.

The price on this work is £9,500.00.

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